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11 Coal Stockpiles in Bandar Lampung Operate Near Residential Settlements

Rabu, 25 Oktober 2023 - 08.55 WIB

Coal dust appears in Panjang Bandar Lampung, not only pollutes residential areas, the dust also threatens the health of local residents. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - There are 11 coal stockpiles belonging to 8 companies currently operating in Bandar Lampung. The location is close to residential areas. In fact, some are only tens of meters away.

Based on monitoring by Kupastuntas.co in the field on Tuesday (24/10/2023), there were at least 11 coal stockpiles in Bandar Lampung operating near residential areas. The distance between the coal stockpile and residential areas is less than one kilometer. Some are even tens of meters away from people's houses.

Even though dust containment nets have been installed, coal dust from the stockpile still flies into residents' homes. Plus, currently there is a long dry season and strong winds are blowing. So that more and more coal dust enters residential areas.

Several companies own coal stockpiles in Bandar Lampung, including company (PT) Hasta Dwi Yustama which has three coal storage locations in Ketapang Village, Panjang District.

Then, PT Tunas Baru Lampung, PT Global Mahardika Logistik, PT Borneo Trade Energi, and PT Bangun Lampung Semesta, each have one coal stockpile location in Way Lunik.

Then, a coal stockpile location belonging to PT Sumatra Bahtera Raya operates in Sukaraja Village, Bumi Waras District.

Furthermore, PT Mitra Inti Serasi Internasional has one coal stockpile location in Way Gubak, and PT Bangun Lampung Putra Perkasa has two coal storage points each located in Way Gubak Village and Campang Raya Village, Sukabumi District.

What is interesting, based on information received by Kupas Tuntas, is that the Main Director of PT Hasta Dwi Yustama is M Risky Rivaldi, who is the son of Lampung Province DPRD member Yusirwan. The PAN politician is also the father of Raka Irwanda, a member of the Bandar Lampung DPRD.

Meanwhile, there are two coal stockpile companies that are not domiciled in Bandar Lampung. The two are PT Mitra Inti Serasi Internasional located in Cirebon Regency, West Java, and PT Borneo Trade Energi located in Tangerang City, Banten.

PT Borneo Trade Energi does not have a business branch in Bandar Lampung. All businesses registered with the Ministry of Trade.

Referring to the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 4 of 2021, it is stated that a coal stockpile is a type of business that is required to have Environmental Management and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UKL-UPL). So, operational coal stockpiles should have UKL-UPL and environmental permits.

Then, based on Law no. 32/2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management regulates that every person who carries out business or activities that require UKL-UPL must have an environmental permit. This is stated in Article 26 paragraph (1).

Furthermore, companies that do not comply with these provisions can be charged under Article 109 of Law no. 32/2009 which states that anyone who carries out business without having an environmental permit will be sentenced to prison for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. Not only that, they are also subject to a fine of at least IDR 1 billion and a maximum of IDR 3 billion.

Head of the Bandar Lampung Environmental Service (DLH), Budiman P Mega, when telephoned on Tuesday (24/10/2023), was not prepared to comment regarding the residents who complained about the coal dust.

However, previously Budiman, when contacted last Friday (26/5/2023), said that coal stockpiles had started to grow since the end of 2022, in two places, namely Bandar Lampung and South Lampung.

"When we visited the field, there was a stockpile which was to back up a business that uses coal fuel and already had permission from the central government. But there was also a stockpile which was in the nature of hoarding, causing an impact on the community," said Budiman at the time.

However, he continued, local governments cannot prohibit people from trying and investing. But they must comply with the rules by making permits starting from the Environmental Management Statement (SPPL) and Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UKL-UPL) as well as Amdal.

"We are aware that several companies are causing unrest and harm to the community. We have checked directly there to see firsthand what the impacts are," he said.

Budiman emphasized that he would give a warning letter to the company that violated it, and if it was ignored, action would be taken. "I will not even give UKL-UPL recommendations if there is no environmental approval," he stressed.

He said he would re-study who has the authority to revoke business permits, because the City Government's authority only provides recommendations.

Previously it was reported that a number of residents on Yos Sudarso Street, Way Lunik Village, Panjang District, Bandar Lampung City asked the coal stockpile company to move from its current location because the impact of coal dust threatens the health of local residents.

Head of Way Lunik Village, Dody Martalaga, said that the coal stockpile company asked for permission when opening a business by meeting with the village head, residents and RT until finally there was an agreement.

"After that, the residents and RT agreed, then a coal stockpile was established," said Dody when asked for information in his office, Monday (23/10/2023).

However, continued Dody, now people are complaining about coal dust pollution which has been occurring for the last three months. “There are residents who complain that coal dust enters their homes and makes the furniture dirty. There are also those who complain of coughing. "Therefore, we are also coordinating with companies and related parties due to this impact," he said.

The results of the meeting, continued Dody, were that the company claimed that it was ready to help eliminate pollution by spraying and installing nets.

"As the village head, my only message is not to let coal stockpiles cause harm to local residents. On the other hand, we also cannot prohibit them from doing business, but we must pay attention to the environment and operate according to SOPs," he explained.

When asked if there was any backing at the coal stockpile company so that it gave the impression that there had been negligence, he claimed there was no backing. "Yes, there is no backing," he said.

Head of RT 05 Way Lunik, Malik added, the coal stockpile has been established for almost a year, and only in the last three months have residents complained about coal dust.

"Yes, maybe because of the dry season because there is a lot of wind. So residents are protesting that their houses have a lot of coal dust," he said.

Malik said that there had been a meeting between residents and the company to resolve the problem. “From that meeting, there were residents who asked for the company to be moved. "However, some people don't mind because the company is where people earn their living," he said.

He hopes that coal stockpile companies will be responsible for the coal dust pollution that still enters residential areas. "We ask companies to be responsible and take precautions so that coal dust pollution does not continue to occur," he stressed. (*)

This news was published in the Wednesday 25 October 2023 edition of Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper with the title "There are 11 coal stockpiles operating near residential areas"